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Concrete Constructors, Inc. is one of the nations leading concrete contractors. At Concrete Constructors, Inc. safety is our top priority. Our philosophy is to exceed our client’s expectations by executing work on schedule and in budget without compromising safety or the environment.  Every employee at Concrete Constructors, Inc. is required to attend in person our Training Institute where the following topics are covered:

No employee is allowed on a job site until they have completed this mandatory training session.  In addition to the mandatory New Hire Training, each employee is required to attend a daily safety meeting in which various safety topics are covered each morning.

At Concrete Constructors, Inc., our top priority is job safety. The successful execution of any project starts with everyone going home safely, our families are counting on it!”…READ THE LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT


Contact Us today at (800) 896-5502 “Delivering Projects on schedule, in budget, with an emphasis on safety and the environment”

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Dee Brown, MBA, LEED GA President/CEO

Safety First

At Concrete Constructors Inc. safety is our top priority.


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